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Discussion in 'Site Discussions & Suggestions' started by Sonicslasher, Oct 27, 2010.

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    Digg's userbase has been taken over by spambots and auto-submitters ever since v4 went into effect. Because of that, their collective community has gone on to better lands. So pray tell why are we using them now to spread our news? If there's any site we should use, it should be Reddit. Anyone else feel that way?
  2. dib

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    I would support that. I was never active around Digg but I did browse it occasionally when bored, and it has gone downhill since the management started trying to profit from it. It's difficult to conceive that these developments are purely accidental rather than by design. And the only way they'll ever get the message is if the Digg audience jumps ship.

    All it took for me was to delete the bookmark and I won't miss much, but I'm sure the followers will want some alternative. I've never even visited Reddit but it sounds as good as any.
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    Yes I completely agree. In fact I've myself migrated from Digg to Reddit after the v4 abomination and have already suggested to Costello (who implemented the Digg feature), that we switch to a better system. I recommended this one actually:

    We'll probably add this one: [​IMG]

    You can use hundreds of services using this one, including Reddit, Facebook etc. [​IMG]

    We'll implement the new system soon
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    When Digg was the only site of it's kind that didn't frontpage the PS3 Jailbreak story, I pretty much knew that I would be done with Digg.
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    I even dunno how to use Digg or Reddit [​IMG]

    can anyone help me?