Recommend me quality YouTube game reviewers

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by WiiCube_2013, Mar 14, 2015.

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    I'm aware of the following:
    • SomecallmeJohnny (love his reviews they're great)
    • AngryJoe (kind of like AVGN but takes reviews seriously and are for modern games)
    • Pat the NES Punk (he doesn't review games too often but when he does they're really good)
    • ProJared
    • AVGN (not always good reviews though most tend to be, imo)

    Some say IGN's bad at doing reviews but GameSpot? Check this out below if you want.

    The game's got flaws (it should've been a 3DS title) but she downright sucked at it and it was the game's fault? Eeeh? GameSpot.​
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    Came here to say SomecallmeJohnny but I see you already know about him :D
    Other than him there's TotalBiscuit (not only a reviewer there's other stuff he does). I see you also know about ProJared so you're pretty much covered.
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    "Some say" ?
    It's pretty much an accepted fact that official reviewers are dreadful at reviewing. (not sure what to call them, I mean reviewers for game sites like gspot/kotaku/etc)
    Also AngryJoe doesn't take his reviews seriously. He literally doesn't do game reviews, just comedy bits involving current videogames.

    The best reviewers are yourself. Watch some gameplay footage, bam, reviewed how you like it.

    TotalBiscuit does do a good job of showing off a game with some good commentary. Usually he's the reason I impulsively get games I didn't think i'd like. Only does PC games though obviously, because PC master race.
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  4. FAST6191

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    Just good reviews in general, good video reviews, good video production values or something else entirely? Of the ones you listed and I have seen I am not sure I would particularly rave about any.

    I still prefer text and screenshots, maybe with a video to augment if I have my choice of review to consume.

    If I set the high tide mark at TV's level (think something you might see on the discovery channel, though with less come back after the adverts style editing) then my options are somewhat limited. Some might say "it is only youtube" and to an extent that is true, however loads of people doing machining videos*, filmmaking and within games even some of the people doing informational/"educational" videos do very well here.

    *a lifetime of patience, extensive planning, working with extreme precision and seeking perfection may have something to do with how they come out.

    Video reviews themselves. I do not think I have really seen people play with the format properly, though Zero Punctuation can get close at times, but some of the people doing informational/educational type videos do better at this sort of thing.

    "Also AngryJoe doesn't take his reviews seriously. He literally doesn't do game reviews, just comedy bits involving current videogames."
    I have seen a few of his videos; he covers the setup for the game, how the game plays, what any faults might be and where it might fit into this gaming lark. I would struggle to argue such things do not constitute a review. With me being as opposed to fun as I am I would probably trim the sketches somewhat but that is a different matter.
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    Me ;)
    As soon as I sort things out I'll pm ya
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    Dec 23, 2009
    I've been watching totalbiscuit's channel a lot, lately. It's amazing how his "here's my opinion after roughly a couple hours of playing" comes across as far more honest and accurate than actual reviewers.

    Angry Joe...isn't that bad. He sometimes harps on about a game's shortcomings a bit too much, and I'm not always a fan of his sense of humor, but I much appreciate it that he's trying (e.g. that the order 1886's review starts with them "fighing" while using real life QTE's).

    Speaking of which...if you just want opinions on known games, honest game trailers is a default 'go to'. They do but the most known games (thus far), but their angle (making a movie trailer where they try to sell you on the most TERRIBLE features) is pure gold. It's VERY spoilerific, though, so be warned...

    I kind of like gametrailer reviews (okay, not youtube-based, but ey...). The thing is that you should NOT use them as their only source, and basically ignore the scores. They may be overly optimistic, but they don't avoid talking about a game's shortcomings either.

    Then...while a game critic instead of a game reviewer, zeropunctuation is usually my first stop to know about a game. Aside from him, errant signal is often interesting to watch. Not sure whether it's because he's often talking about indy games or doesn't make lots of movies, but his angle tends to be quite opposite of most reviewers. But he does so in a very clear and analytic way.
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  9. cloudfe

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    Feb 24, 2013
    Not exactly game "reviews", but really a fantastic channel: Extra Credits!