Reccomended setup for CD based games

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    Wii has emulators of some CD based consols/add-ons like

    1. PCE-CD

    2. Mega-CD

    3. NEOGEO-CD

    4. PSX

    5. SS

    I’m only heavy software tested the two first. So, for now, I’m only commenting these. If you want to...

    There’s lot of guides out there on how to rip your own cds, and how to convert to infinite of formats.

    I want to tell some, and how personnaly I got mine to work, based on my needs. The better is that working for you, so please share how do you keep your setup: Are you using 1:1 images? ISO + OGG/wav/flac? BIN/CUE? Has comments on Quality/File Size relation?


    Emulators: (hugo, core from retroarch, wiiengine and mednafen)

    I find mednafen the easiest, good to go, double strike mode (240p) support, and I’m using bin/cue + ogg splitted songs to save space on my hdd. I dont think it would be worthy a lot more space. In a common crt tv speakers, I dont probably would hear the better quality that lossless have, so no wav/flac or 1:1 image for me. Compatibility is great using this format, and from 150 gb of 1:1 images, I was able to reduce to 1/3 using compressed music files.

    2. MEGA-CD: GenPlusGX cue/bin

    Emulators: (core from retroarch, genplusgx)

    Based on this topic, I choose using GenPlusGX. It has a nice interface, and near 100% emulation accuracy. I’m also using svn nightly builds, so this ‘near’ is, day goes by, more ‘near’ 100%. I’m using cue/bin formats for compatibility. I wanted to use ogg+iso (dont need the cue), but i’ve had some issues with some games. So for me cue/bin is the way that worked. Maybe i’m doing something wrong. I leave most of the time vsync off, can cause some problems on some games.

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