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    Sep 29, 2008
    i am using r4 sdhc with firmware 1.25 and 8gb class 4 kingston sdhc.i copied about 70 games from my pc to the card and games at the bottom(starting from the letter 'p') are not recognized as the bottom screen doesn't show game details(shows ''untitled'' with no pic) and so cheats don't show up. i know there is a bug in the firmware which limits the cheat shown.but this is a different problem as games are not recognized in the first place.

    whenever i copy a new game in the card the game is also unrecognized even if it's first letter is not ''p''.but if i reformat the card and then copy that new game along with the old games it gets recognized.it's a pain in the neck as it takes a long time to copy over 4 gb of stuff every time i want to add a new game.

    i have tried ysmenu and even it doesn't recognize the games starting from 'p'.

    same with moonshell 2.

    can someone help me please?

    edit:i copied pokemon platinum in a 2 gb non sdhc card and the r4sdhc recognizes it now which it didn't in the 8gb class 4 kingston sdhc.seems it can't handle sdhc cards very well.please help me to overcome this problem.
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