R4III Upgrade YSMenu as kernel/Firmware NO WAIO OR 2nd firmware

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    Apr 30, 2014
    Hello everyone :). This is my first tutorial and I hope I am doing this right. (right forum/thread name etc.)

    This is a guide on how to put YSMenu on your R4III upgrade without going into the R4III firmware and selecting the YSMenu.nds or renaming it to default.nds.

    This is a replacement kernel/firmware for your R4III and it will boot straight into YSMenu. Let's begin!

    First off; backup everything on your microSD card. In case something goes wrong, you can revert back.
    Now format your sd card or delete everything or delete your system files. There is one file you should keep. That is the file "_R4__III.DAT". Then go to the folder where you downloaded YSMenu.

    Rename "TTMENU.SYS" to "_DS_MENU.SYS"
    Rename "TTMenu.dat" to "_DS_MENU.DAT" (if this doesn't work try no caps)

    Now copy everything to your microSD. Everything (except games) on your microSD should be this:

    Folder named TTMenu

    If done correctly, you can now put your microSD in your R4III upgrade and it will boot straight to YSMenu.
    Hope this helped :).