r4i SDHC 3DS RTS Stuck on Loading Screen

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    So earlier I purchased the r4i card in the title (from nds-card.com), and it arrived today. I tested it out immediately, after downloading the correct kernel, and some games. However, when I clicked on it in the menu, two white screens popped up. So I took out the card, then popped it back in. That seemed to fix it, as the loading screen appeared on the top. I waited a little while, but it was stuck. So, I re-downloaded the kernel (1.83b English), and when that didn't work, formatted it then placed the kernel files back in, and still had to format it with the Panasonic SD Formatter and go through the same process. But every time, I got the same result. Has anyone else had this issue before? If so, any help would be extremely appreciated. I've been waiting for this to arrive in the mail for forever :P, so it would be nice to play on it :). Huge thanks in advance!

    EDIT: So I re-tried it to take pictures for you guys, and it works??? Sorry for the unnecessary thread!
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    Trying to downgrade on 11.0 via AM services
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