R4i gold pro unbricking

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by Ramblings, Jun 13, 2013.

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    Myself and a friend recently bought r4i-gold pro from eachgame.com both for our dsi. Mine has an older firmware so i did not need to update works flawlessly, his needed to be updated because his dsi is at 1.4.5 after attempting to flash with the firmware patch from r4town.com it ran through fine said power cycle after power cycle card goes loading then white screens. Can i unbrick with my r4i gold pro and a ds lite? have attempted card swapping but not sure if im doing something wrong. Also his r4i gold pro is not being recognized at all now cant even get to white screen
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    1 - Insert a working cart with the update file for the bricked cart.
    2 - Start the update file for the bricked cart, do not tell it to update.
    3 - Take the working cart out.
    4 - Put the bricked cart in.
    5 - Wait a few seconds, tell it to apply the update.