R4i compatible version 1.4 ?

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    Bonjour a tous,

    je ne connais pas grand chose aux r4i, jai vu plusieurs sites http://www.r4ids.fr/, j en passe et des meilleurs et j ai toujours des doutes sur la compatibilite de la r4i et d une dsi 1.4...

    Est ce que quelqu un pourrait m eclairer ? (desole pour les accents j ai un clavier anglais)

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    Hi, welcome to GBATemp. This is an english-speaking community (we only have one French moderator), so if you can speak English it's preferred.

    "R4" is not a single brand or company. There was an original "R4" cart, but the people behind it vanished one day, and then a bunch of other flash carts appeared that use the "R4" name. So compatibility and ease of use can vary highly between different carts.

    None of the "R4"s there are on GBAtemp's "recommended" list.
    You should get a flash cart from that list if you're going to use it on the DSi, as the ones there work well (except the original R4, which has no DSi/3DS compatibility).
    The shop you linked does sell the Supercard DSTwo and it is a great cart, but it is one of the more expensive ones (and that site seems to overcharge anyway).

    Here's some french shop links for carts that GBATemp recommends.

    Idunno' how well this is going to translate, so...
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