R4 Gold Pro 2013, not working with updated firmware.

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by sirki11a1ot, Nov 2, 2013.

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    Mar 2, 2011
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    So I bought from a reseller that was listed on www.r4i-gold.com
    For a FYI I have bought from here before, the exact product and it worked flawlessly before (two different times)

    This time I decided to buy 2 more of the same brand, R4 Gold Pro 2013. When I first received the card(s) I popped the card(s) into my 3ds with firmware 4.5. and it loaded up but it would white screen. So I decided to upgrade the firmware and kernal to the most recent on www.r4i-gold.com. After doing so on my 3ds, it changed the icon to spongebob and then it decided to give me an error after loading that I needed to reboot. So I tried it on my other DSi XL with firmware 1.45 and it said the same error...

    I borrowed my neighbors DS lite and it loaded up, when I tried to play a game it gave me white screen.

    So I decided maybe I should reapply the firmware(on the ds lite), every time I try this with the newest 6.20 firmware the screen loads up and says I already have the newest firmware, and it doesn't let me apply the update. I swapped kernals tons of times and nothing works.

    At this point the only thing that I could see that might work is somehow get a modified firmware that allows you to flash the r4 card regardless of what firmware is on the card already.

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    Nov 15, 2013
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    Same trouble here. I bought my flashcard (R4 Gold Pro 3DS, by R4i-gold.com) one year ago and til yesterday it worked flawlessly (I hadn't had any problems even with the new Pokémon games and so on). Then I downloaded Dragon Quest IX and it started freezing in a cutscene. I decided to upgrade and the kernel loaded but the games didn't. Finally after trying hundreds of different kernels and reformatting again and again, nothing succeeded. Moreover the NDS (Phat one) it's not even detecting the flashcard.
    I think the solution is buying a new one from another manufacturer. It's the third f*****g flashcard I'm buying WTF.
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    That is because ALL R4 clones moved to a "your no longer entitled to any more updates" mentality. You want a working R4 clone flashcart on the latest 3DS firmware means your buying a new R4 clone cart.
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    Nov 19, 2013
    Try this