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Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by Mazakala, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Mazakala

    Mazakala Newbie

    Aug 2, 2009
    Browsed through the forums, seems like this combination should work for migrating pokemon to Plat/D/P on the R4. I just have a few questions about all of the process before I commit to getting an EZ3in1.

    From what I've read, you need to change the ROM from FLASH to SRAM, or something to that effect. By doing this, will I lose the ability to use WFC and do online battles/trades with people? Currently it works flawlessly on my R4 card, and I really just want to play the older pokemon games and migrate them to my R4. I got burned on ebay with fake GBA games, so I'm not interested in taking that route again.

    Basically, all I want to do is be able to migrate pokemon from the 3rd Gen GBA games, and still be able to do things online, and was concerned changing from FLASH to SRAM will cause issues with connecting.

  2. denieru7

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    Jan 21, 2009
    Sydney, Australia
    Nope, there wont be any problems. The SRAM patch just changes the save/load structure of the GBA file, nothing to do with the DS file.

    As for GBA-DS linkage, make sure you burn the GBA game to NOR of the EZ3-in1, otherwise it wont work.

    Oh, and you may have trouble finding a EZ3in1 these days... all the ones on the market (well nearly all) are the newer chipset, dubbed the EZ3in1+. (Notice the plus).

    And just as an FYI, if you have an R4, you'll need Rudolph's GBAExploader to make the EZ3in1/+ work, but the best alternative is switching to YSmenu, native EZ3in1/+ compatibilty with YSmenu is 100% from what i know.

    Just look at the sticky about YSmenu on r4's if you're interested.

    One last thing, I use GBATA to SRAM patch. It seems to have better compatibility than NDSTokyoTrim, which i love and use for NDS trimming. Sometimes after SRAM patching with NDSTokyoTrim, the GBA just loads up to the GAMEBOY screen.

    Good luck =]
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