QuirkDS (WIP)

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    QuirkDS (WIP)
    Kwirk Remake
    Here is a early preview version of maRk2512's new game called QuirkDS. It's a remake of the old GameBoy game Amazing Tater which is a sequel to the original Kwirk.

    You can move the figure via stylus. Tap on a empty field and the (smart?) pathfinding routine will do the rest (i hope so!) If there's more than one figure you can use them by touching with the stylus. L or R cycles through the maps.

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    Contributed by DieForIt
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    WTF, there was a sequel to Kwirk? OMG! Why didn't anybody tell me?

    Going to try that out for sure, too...
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    Woah, Quirk *_* loved the game

    off, trying out the (unnoticed) sequel