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    Hello everyone, I am not new to hacking consoles, but i am new to the vita scene. I just got a ps vita original model. It was already fully hacked on version 3.65. I was told that there is an occasional pop up for firmware updates. It’s spoofed to 3.70 and everything, but I guess it could still happen. All I have to do is say do not update right? Also I was told not to use the original shop, why is that? Also another question I had was it has all emulators on it like PSP adrenaline, and PKGJ. I was also told to turn WiFi off unless I am on PKGJ, and the theme organizer app. Could someone explain why this is and how I should go about this? Thanks!
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    If you have trophies from playing digital only games that are not tied to your own PSN account, Sony can check whether you should have them or not as the trophy data gets synced with their servers.
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    If it's spoofed you have nothing to worry about with updates, you can still use psn and leave wifi on unless you want to be extremely cautious but the only things you really need to be cautios of is a risk of ban if you
    -Cheat in online games
    -play leaked games before they are released
    -some say syncing trophies from games you don't own is risking a ban, but others have done this and were not banned, including me i synced madden 13 accidentally one day and haven't had anything happen so far(knock on wood)

    Other than that you should be good.
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    try update blocker. though, I did find a weird bug with it. it will error if system updates are already blocked. if they aren't, it will block them, then restart the system. however, you still need to restart the system even if they're not blocked or it will cause cma to become unstable and crash.
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