questions on private headers and SKY3DS.

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    Feb 7, 2015
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    so here my dilemma. After reading plenty of different forums threads and going down the rabbits hole of the 3ds mod scene I've decide to be that guy with one post who may sound stupid by suggesting thing that may be common knowledge. So I'm investing in the N3DS and have already purchased a SKY3DS. After the whole fiasco of banning and whatnot I've decided to go the private header route.

    The problem? I don't have a modded 3DS to dump a rom. I could have used my brothers 3ds but he's legit and buys all his games and is at 9.5. only thing I have at my disposal is first gen DS an R4 card (I had an affair with Sony for quite some time) and temco bowl (which has network capabilities).

    My question becomes this. I can dump that temco cart, would I be able to pull a header to use on 3ds for online play?

    its a loaded question I know but any help would be appreciated.