Questions about switching from .3DS to .CIA

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    I've had a gateway 3DS for a while and haven't gotten around to updating it until now. I know it allows you to install .CIA files now, which from my understanding basically just go on the SD card in the 3DS instead of the gateway card. Also I know that the gateway cartridge itself is used to boot into gateway mode, but if the only files on the microSD are games, do I even need one for it to boot correctly? And before I decide whether to switch all my .3DS files to .CIA, if I have a game in .CIA format will it still work with the save data I used with the .3DS file?
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    The CIA is installed into the SD card. You have to put the CIA file in the SD, use BigBlueMenu to install it (takes a very long time), and after that you can delete the CIA file from the SD.
    You need the Gateway card to enter Gateway EMUNAND mode, it works even without a uSD in the GW. You can take out the GW card after entering GATEWAY mode and everything will still work until you turn off your 3DS.
    I think savefiles are not compatible between 3DS version and CIA version, perhaps you can convert them?