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    Can Nintendo know if you are using a flashcart? Can they stop you from getting updates? Can an update brick your console? If CFW is made will you still be able to update the 3DS? If the 3DS does get flashcarts will Nintendo be able to block Wi-Fi enabled games from connecting?
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    best to ask these questions on askgbatemp.

    short answer is we don't know.
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    They CAN, but they WON'T. If they did, they'd violate the laws of many countries they sell the 3DS in, and would take a serious blow to their image, one that they wouldn't want. Look how Sony fared: there's a lawsuit against them because they removed the Linux possibility in an FW update. Bricking a console with an official update is breaking rules left and right.
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    The system log is likely.

    Preventing you from getting updates is not likely. I've never heard of a game system doing that, instead they try to make you get the updates because they block hacks.

    The remote bricking is NOT going to happen, that's a bullshit rumor spread by sites that can't do the simplest of fact checking (such as READING the source articles they link to).

    If you update the 3DS normally it will overwrite the CFW. This is how it generally works in systems, but this assumes the 3DS gets CFW.

    It's unlikely that Nintendo will be able to block flash carts from online play because flash carts are able to run on unmodified firmware (so far).
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