Question regarding default connection behavior

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    Dec 24, 2015
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    I have 2 wi-fi networks on my WiiU, one is my regular home router configured with TubehaxDNS that I use when I want to play online, and my cellphone hotspot I use for Loadiine and WUP Installer.
    I've been experimenting a bit because I'm afraid of a shadow browser update like they did with the 3DS and so far I've found that the WiiU will only connect to the wi-fi network set as default, even if it's not available or offers no internet connection, completely ignoring the secondary connection that actually works fine.
    Can anyone more knowledgeable confirm this? is this the case in standby mode also? I only set my home connection as default when I'm playing online and turn it off immediately when I'm done, but I'd hate to have an update sneak in while my WiiU is off.
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    When I was testing for my OpenDNS guide I came to the same conclusion, but I was also using the exact same connection settings sans DNS settings