1. cephalopoid

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    Sep 20, 2008
    United States
    Last week, on the spur of the moment, I bought a DS Lite.
    Then, I ordered this http://www.stuffs4kids.com/Acekard_2_1_p/acekard2.htm, which is an AceKard 2.1.

    When my AceKard came in the mail, though, it had a AceKard 2i sticker on it and said, "Compatible with DSi.

    So, did I get a AceKard 2i or were they just using a different sticker?

    I've been playing a week and have had NO problems, but now I'm hearing all these great things about the DSi, and I might exchange my DS Lite for a DSi . . . because of the faster processing speed of the DSi, will there be better homebrew apps?

    Also, what are the chances of future firmware blocking my AceKard? Will Nintendo be all like "In order for you to use the internet browser you need to upgrade to the newest firmware . . ."

    Anyway, thanks . . . I know these sound like stupid questions, but I'm new to the DS . . .
  2. Count Duckula


    Aug 17, 2008
    If the sticker on it looks like these (acekard.com), then it would appear you did get a AK2i.

    It's possible that they put the wrong sticker on the cart also so I wouldn't go and buy a DSI without testing it on one first.
    AK2i are only $14.42 US at dealextreme so I guess it wouldn't be an expensive mistake anyway.

    The DSI mode has not yet been cracked. Only standard DS mode is accessible via current flash carts so at least for the time being homebrew will be exactly the same as on DS lite (no access to newer hardware/clock speed of cpu etc). Your guess of when/if having access to DSI mode will happen, and how Nintendo will go about pushing updates to patch holes (à la Sony with PSP firmware updates) is as good as mine.

    I'd say the odds of Nintendo blocking current DSI carts is fairly high, but that's only my own (not that well informed) opinion based on what I read, so take with as many grains of salt as you wish.
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