1. migles

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    Sep 19, 2013
    i got a 7700k which i intended to overclock and tinker with it... (i know it doesn't make really that a difference in gaming and etc, but i wanted to see what this baby can do and have some fun...)

    i have a corsair h115i AIO which keeps the cpu at 18-20celsius idle and while gaming it can reach 30c
    never seen going above 40 so far...
    my mobo is a asus rog ix hero, it has software for auto overclocking which i let it run and got me overclocked to 5.2Ghz

    i tried to manually change the clock in the bios settings to 5.5Ghz (it was my intended overclock goal) which makes my windows not boot lol, but i don't know what the settings on the bios are, or what they do..
    1. so there is a good tutorial\manual to follow about overclocking? and what programs and software should i use?

    for now i am using integrated graphics of this thing, so i am kinda confused..
    2. is the gpu in the chipset or inside the cpu package? the x99 chipsets don't have a iGPU. so i suppose the gpu is extra hardware somewhere..
    3. using the iGPU does it make a difference in the general overclocking?

    4. in asus ai suite there is some options in the "digi+ power control" about the iGPU, so, can i overclock just the gpu?

    5. my ram is 2400MHz (CL14) i think the bios\computer is using it at a lower frequency... (2133 or something) i seen in EZ mode of the bios i can activate XMP (which displays the memory stats) which i did, but changed stuff in the processor part... (reverting some overclock settings)
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    Sep 18, 2014
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    try uping your cpu voltage. but do not exceed the maximum voltage for that cpu or you will fry it!. but if that doesn't work, then your're stuck with 5.2. also, for better answers, head over to http://www.overclock.net/ and sign up. you'll have much better luck over there.
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