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Feb 20, 2022
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Hi, this is my first thread so apologies if I've made any errors or mistakes when posting this aswell as links not being added (new user restriction). This is a mod I've been working on for a little while. Its not perfect and not fully complete, but I figured I would upload it here for anyone who wants to experience JWE in a much smoother setting.

I've been tinkering with it to achieve a mostly stable 60FPS whilst retaining most of the graphical fidelity. There are some dips depending on if youre in a dense area, strong weather, or at a certain angle but the framerate will never dip below 30FPS (double buffer tsk).

VANILLA (Screenshot from ecl0674's JWE Mod)
4 before.jpg



Here are some notes regarding the mod:

  • This mod is intended to run the game smoother whilst connected to a CHARGER in PORTABLE mode.
  • If you're using this mod w/out a charger, expect a solid 30FPS w/ some spikes to 60FPS depending on the scene and camera positioning (GPU Clock is capped at 460 ( or 614 Mariko 2.0.0-rc) w/out a charger).
  • The reason there are spikes is because JWE uses Double Buffer Vsync, which will lock the framerate to maintain consistency.
  • DOCKED IS STILL WIP, For the moment its using mostly the same graphical settings as portable other than an increase in render resolution. Framerate responds as portable would without a charger. I may work to either create a 30FPS Graphics Boost Patch for Docked in the future.
  • Shadows have been heavily culled and dumbed down (There may be strange shadow acne on different dinos, it depends on lighting and positioning).
  • Most graphical settings have been decremented down.
  • TAA is being used on Portable.
  • Terrain LOD thresholds have been increased.
  • Mesh Quality has been decreased to reduce draw calls and allow more consistent framerate when traversing the map.
  • Unzip the .zip to your respective CFW mod directory
  • Atmosphere: atmosphere/contents
  • SX OS: sxos/titles
The Uninstall process should be as simple as removing the folder '010050A011344000' in atmosphere/contents. If this doesnt remove the mod, due it being an ips patch, a safe way to fix is, to do the following:
  • Download the latest sigpatches
  • Go to atmosphere/contents
  • Make a copy of the kip_patches' and 'exefs_patches' folders (extra safe)
  • Delete 'kip_patches' and 'exefs_patches' folders from your SD card
  • Install the sigpatches you downloaded (overwrite if you need to)

Refering back to the copy, since youre only install sigpatches, other patches such as bluetooth patches etc, can be copied back over from the whichever respective folder they were in. If anything is to go wrong at anypoint (it shouldnt), you still have a copy of all the original files with the backup.

  • You will need to overclock your switch to the following frequencies. Use at your own risk.
    • 1785 for CPU (Lower values are fine to use)
    • 921 (Docked/Handheld Charging) or 614 (Handheld) for GPU
    • 1600 for RAM
  • Credits to ecl0674 for their mod which I used to build this mod around.


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