Question About Using N64 Pad With PJ64

Discussion in 'Other Consoles & Oldies' started by T-hug, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. T-hug

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    Oct 24, 2002
    Hi guys, I couldn't wait for my 360 to get back from M$ without playing some form of console gameage. I tried to think of a quick solution and figured there were quite a few N64 games that I missed out on when I had the console so I bought this:
    [​IMG]N64&PSX 2 PC USB Hub More Details

    and an original N64 pad.

    I installed the adapter ok and the pad shows up in the control panel > joypad and PJ64 as a 4-axis, 16 buttoned joypad.
    This may be a bit hard to explain, but on the config for the pad on cpanel, the crosshair for the calibration is moving around all over the place even though I'm not touching the pad. Also the 16 red circles to test each of the buttoms randomly flash, as if more than one button were being pressed when none are.
    If I try and reconfigure it, it just flashes through the setup itself and I don't get to select the layout. The same happens in PJ64, I can only set the buttons if I hold them down first, and then click the related button on PJ64. If I click PJ64 first, it just picks some random selection as if I were doing it on the pad myself.
    I've tried various games and although theres some control, it basically ends up being better to use the keyboard, and I don't want that. An example is Majora's Mask; Link will walk really slow and not run no matter what I do. Also the item and attack buttons will flash as if I'm pressing them repeatedly.

    So I'm just about ready to put it all back on ebay and give up, but I figured it was worth asking in case anyone has had similar experiences.
    I wonder if anyone knows if the pad should actually be detected as a 4-axis, 16 buttoned pad? I counted them all including the d-pad and got 15? This I could understand maybe being the problem...
    I also wondered if anyone knows of files (this is what PJ64 uses to save button pad layouts/configs) with saved configurations online? So I could download it and add it to the emu at home and see if it works for my pad. Also any specific sites to checkout or any suggestions would be great, slightly really dissapointed with my purchases [​IMG]
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    I have that same adapter. It works fine with one of my N64 controllers, but not the other. The one that doesn't work does exactly what you described. The weird thing is, they're both official Nintendo gray controllers.
  3. T-hug

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    Oct 24, 2002
    That's very interesting as the readme says only 90% of N64 pads work. As the joypad controller in cpanel picked it up, but acted wierdly I assumed it was something I wasn't doing right.
    The pad is black btw, guess I'll see if I can borrow one or swap it or something and see if it fixes the prob.
    Thx for the info chuck, I was ready to ditch it thinking it was crap lol [​IMG]
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