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    Jan 12, 2009
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    Hello everyone, I have a question for my specific situation. I've browsed the forum for a while and didn't really find an answer so I'd like to ask.

    I have successfully installed several GC games as injected VC on the Wii U menu. When they launch it asks me if I would like to use the gamepad. If I chose yes, then the game launches just fine and I'm able to play it with the gamepad.

    AFAIK, this method launches Nintendont before loading the game. I was expecting to be able to use my GC controllers with the official GC to Wii U adapter. I also have one from mayflash and both are supposed to work with nintendont. Unfortunately as soon as I'm inside the game, the only input that will work will be from the gamepad.

    After some reading my only guess is that I would have to launch it without gamepad support, but I don't have any wiimotes to do it. Is it possible to get into the games without using gamepad support and not use a wiimote?

    I know this works fine for single player and I think it's great being able to use the gamepad, but I'd really like to use the GC controllers for Soul Calibur II or MKDD. SSBM is great too. Has anyone dealt with my situation before?

  2. GABO1423

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    May 27, 2019
    Hey. Yes, I can confirm that you indeed cannot open the regular Nintendont forwarder without the GamePad or a Wiimote. Unfortunately, there are no alternatives to this. At minimum you will need a Wiimote to open Nintendont and use your GameCube Controllers. Sorry, but there's currently no alternatives currently available. The closest thing that comes to mind is using @FIX94's HBL2HBC, but that requires installing forwarders on the vWii which requires a Wiimote. The simplest solution is just buying a Wiimote, preferably a first party controller since they have zero compatibility issues, unlike certain third party controllers.
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