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    Jul 8, 2016
    Hi guys, I bought a 3ds on 9.2 and made all the a9hl + luma process.

    My SD reader on the PC is faulty, luckily, the 3ds didn’t bricked. I was using a Portuguese guide, I made every possible backup, including the 9.2 Sysnand, but due to my card reader the only backup that I have is the OTP.BIN (again luckily as I think this one is the most important), after the process the guide told me to update, I update sysnand to 11.0. I can install and play .cia, so I believe the hack was a success, but can I have problems for not having a 9.2 sysnandbackup?

    Any benefits in making an 11.0 backup? If yes how could I do it.

    In addition, the guide resulted in the a9hl version that works without the SD card, if I start the 3ds without SD and update, will I lose the A9 protection?

    Here is the guide for Portuguese speakers to check:
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    Jan 23, 2016
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    MY ASS!
    first off Idk why you update a 3ds without sd and while its good to have a 9.2 sys nand backup that if you brick so just don't do anything stupid