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Dec 10, 2009

PSP n00b by Jamstruth at 9:41 PM (523 Views / 0 Likes) 0 replies

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    Right, I am getting a PSP-1000 which is pre-hacked to 5.00 M33 (not sure which revision but it is irrelevant as I will update to 5.50 Gen D2 since that is the most up to date firmware)

    What are the best firmware plugins for 5.50 Gen D2? I am going to be running PS1 games and emulators alongside the occasional PSP game off the MS slot, so will I need a memory stick speed up tool?

    What are the best emulators for SNES, Genesis and NES and can the SNES emulator run Starfox and Super Mario Kart (i.e. emulate Mode 7 and SuperFX)

    Any decent homebrew games out for me to enjoy?

    Thanks if you can give me a hand, piss off if you're here to complain about n00bish questions! [​IMG]

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