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    Mar 22, 2008
    psp is not dying because i can make changes to games like Jetpack Joyride to make the game again brand new when you play it with my cheats and this goes for many psp games and with ppsspp a brilliant psp emulator for pc and android phones it is brand new retro in a new world perpective.

    check out soon my jetpack joyride version 4 update where the laser puzzles gets a new twist.

    Here are my links to the cheats
    My cheatforum at -snip- for ppsspp and psp
    ppsspp inifiles :
    Jetpack Joyride 3.0 Cheats (NPEZ-00469)= -snip-
    Jetpack Joyride 3.0 Cheats (NPEZ-00470)= -snip-
    Sega Rally Revo version ( ULUS-10311 )=-snip-
    Dragonball Z:Tenkaichi Tag Team Ultra (ULUS-10537)=-snip-
    Dead to Rights:Reckoning (ULES 00195)=-snip-
    Motogp 08 USA version (ULUS10153)=-snip-
    Final Fantasy Type - 0=-snip-
    Def Jam Fight For NY: The Takeover (ULUS-10100)=-snip-
    Ridge Racer 2 (UCAS-40119) and (UCES-00422)=-snip-
    Phantasy Star Portable 2 (ULES-01439)=-snip-
    Fight Night Round 3 (ULUS 10066)=-snip-
    Need for Speed ProStreet (ULES 01020)=-snip-
    Need for Speed Undercover (ULES 01145)=-snip-
    Need for Speed Underground Rivals (ULUS-10007)=-snip-
    God of War Ghost of Sparta (UCES-01401)=-snip-
    WipeOut Pure (UCES-00001)=-snip-
    N.O.V.A. (NPEZ-00222)=-snip-
    Everybody's Tennis (uces-01420)=-snip-
    Hot Shot Tennis UCUS-98701=-snip-
    Ridge Racer [EU] - [UCES00002]=-snip-
    Ridge Racer [USA] - [ULUS10001]=-snip-
    Platypus ULUS-10203=-snip-
    Need For Speed Carbon Own The City Cheats (ULES-00577)=-snip-
    Tekken Dark Resurrection ( UCET-00424 )=-snip-
    WipeOut Pulse (UCUS-98712)=-snip-
    WipeOut Pulse (UCES-00465)=-snip-
    Angry Birds (NPUZ-00119)=-snip-
    Who's That Flying (NPUZ00129)=-snip-
    TrailBlazer (NPUZ-00294)=-snip-
    Outrun : Coast to Coast (ULES-00262)=-snip-
    FIFA 14 (USA/EURO)=-snip-
    Virtua Tennis World Tour (ULES00126)= -snip-
    BreakQuest Extra Evolution (NPUZ-00235)= -snip-
    SMASH COURT TENNIS 3 (UCES-00758)=-snip-
    More cheats at my forum at -snip-
    The Deadly Gas Jet =-snip-
    The Deadly Heavy Rain Jet =-snip-
    The Avalanche Jet =-snip-
    The Ultra Machine Gun =-snip-
    Super Nova Shark =-snip-
    Double Laser Fire =-snip-
    With the frying/flying scientists cheat its so much more fun.

    When using the scientists cheat activate it after running Jetpack Joyride and if you are finished playing Jetpack Joyride deactivate the scientists cheat before closing the game.
    ( otherwise it will crash ppsspp and you have to manually open the inifile and change the _C1 to _C0 SCIENTISTS WORKERS and save it)
    These mods/cheats are for ppsspp and are in inifile format.
    Ppsspp is an emulator for pc and android phones and emulates the amazing portable playstation aka psp.
    psp cheatmaster fusion tab-snip-
    ppsspp tutorial to insert cheats

    here are the psp tabfile cheats :
    Jetpack Joyride 2.0 (NPEZ-00444)=-snip-
    Motogp 08 (ULUS-10153)=-snip-
    Motogp 08 (UCES00373)=-snip-
    Motogp 08 (ULJS00078)=-snip-
    Gran Turismo (UCES-01245)=-snip- (pw=vrooom)
    Final Fantasy Type - 0(patched japanese version)=-snip-
    Fifa 13 (ULES -01535)=-snip- (should also work on the us version)
    Phantasy Star Portable 2 (ULES-01439)= -snip-
    Fight Night Round 3 (ULUS 10066)= -snip-
    Need for Speed ProStreet (ULES 01020)= -snip-
    Need for Speed Undercover (ULES 01145)=-snip-
    Need for Speed Underground Rivals (ULUS-10007)=-snip-
    God of War Ghost of Sparta (UCES-01401)=-snip-
    N.O.V.A. (NPEZ-00222)=-snip-
    Everybody's Tennis (UCES-01420)=-snip-
    Ridge Racer - [UCES00002] and [ULUS10001]= -snip-
    Platypus (ULUS-10203)=-snip-
    Need For Speed Carbon Own The City Cheats (ULES-00577)=-snip-
    WipeOut Pulse (UCES-00465)= -snip-
    WipeOut Pulse (UCUS-98712)= -snip-
    Fifa 14 (ULUS-10655)(ULES-01586)=-snip-
    TrailBlazer (NPUZ-00294)=-snip-
    Who's That Flying (NPUZ-00129)=-snip-
    Dragonball Z shin 2 (ULES-00789)=-snip-
    Angry Birds (NPUZ-00119)=-snip- (pw=biggaz)
    SSX on Tour (ULUS-10042)=-snip- (pw=flight)
    BreakQuest Extra Evolution (NPUZ-00235)=-snip- (pw=batty)
    Sonic Rivals (ULUS-10195)=-snip-(pw=eggman)
    Virtua Tennis World Tour (ULES-00126)=-snip-

    more to come
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    ...each and every single link you've posted is behind a wall of ads, did you do so on purpose? This is a rhetorical question since you obviously did.
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    I kind of love how overboard people have gone with sites like adfly, even if they're just linking to someone else's work or content. Cheats on the PSP is nothing new, people who are interested probably have cheats set up anyway. Even then, a quick google search will provide them with the same thing without the ads.
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    [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]
    We'd appreciate you didn't try to make advertising revenue off of our users and off of our site. Feel free to shortlink through something like or or post direct links (should have more than enough room in a single post).

    A massive wall of adfly links like this again will result in a suspension. My advice - don't do it.
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