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    May 28, 2014
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    I was interested in buying a psp vita or psp 3000 as they are the latest models. I want to be able to homebrew my games and wanted to know if it is possible on either of these two devices. If not then what's the best way to still play newer psp games? I new to this. I had an original psp but never did anything like this with it.
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    when you say homebrew, you mean pirate, right?

    for psps

    for psp vita

    note that on vita, hacking only works for the psp part. the vita itself isnt hackable and to play vita games, you'll still need to buy them legally.
    if all you care for is psp games, get a 3000 or a go, its cheaper and, in my eyes, easier since the psp doesnt get any updates anymore, meaning you dont have to worry about the future with that console