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Jul 7, 2019
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Lameguy64 has made a homebrew SDK for the PS1.

[Github link]

Notable features
As of libpsn00b run-time library v0.12b

  • Extensive GPU support with polygon primitives, high-speed DMA VRAM transfers and DMA ordering table processing. All video modes for both NTSC and PAL standards also supported with fully adjustable display area and automatic video standard detection based on last GPU mode, no BIOS ROM string checks used.

  • Extensive GTE support with rotate, translate, perspective correction and lighting through assembly macros (for both C and ASM) and high performance matrix and vector functions, all calculations performed in fixed point integer math.

  • Stable interrupt service routine with easy to use callback system for simplified handling of hardware and DMA interrupts, no crude event handlers or kernel hacks used and should be compatible with HLE BIOS implementations, and should play well with writing loader programs.

  • Complete Serial I/O support with SIOCONS driver for tty console access through serial interface.

  • BIOS controller functions for polling controller input work as intended thanks to proper interrupt handling, no crude manual polling of controllers in your main loop.

  • BIOS CD-ROM support with a custom initialization function that doesn't clear other DMA channel settings (such as GPU and SPU DMA) for easier initialization.

  • Uses Sony SDK library syntax for familiarity to experienced programmers and to make porting existing homebrew projects to PSn00bSDK easier.

  • Works on real hardware and most popular emulators.

So now it's REALLY time to port Super Mario 64.
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