PS4 Slim stopped working With Wifi :/

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    Apr 5, 2009
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    when Network errors happen after turning on i get the usual NS-31175-7 (Cannot connect to Network) but this started 2 days ago, it'd return from rest or being powered off and no Wifi At-all, Wifi works in Recovery (Safe) mode without issue to try to reapply FW 6.20, ive had to rebuild the Database to make it work but seems after shutting down/sleeping its right back to this.

    it takes 15 mins to Fail to search for Any Wifi at it's main OS in settings. is this a sign it needs to be serviced or does this indicate the HDD needs to be replaced? its been in moderate use but plenty of ventilation it's been on a UPS so no sudden power outtages for it, i have a spare hard drive to test but i wouldn't call it viable (pulled from a laptop where it's tripped a few SMART senors) i dont think its been a full year since i've had it yet so if its hardware outside the HDD i should be able to get it serviced w/o a fee.