PS3 YLOD\Sony questions

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by Thomas83Lin, Oct 30, 2009.

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    Jul 22, 2009
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    Ok so my launch Ps3 finally got the Ylod, just happen one night after watching a movie on it,
    Anyways i've done some research on the problem seems i need to apply some heat to acouple of chips or something to fix some solder joints, sounds like it could work I've seen some positive responses from people who have done it But also some bad ones, also i'm not really keen on taking apart my ps3 to apply acrap load of heat to the mother board so i'm sending it to Sony.
    Ok So its out of warranty and i'll have to pay the $150 fee thats fine, plus i dont want a Slim

    my questions is, Does Sony actually repair this problem, or just sent you a refurbished Ps3, i've already talked to a rep, She said all my bought Ps1 game's from PSN will transfer over if needed,
    But if they do sent me a Refurbished Ps3 will it be the exact model, or could they sent me a Newer model that doesn't play Ps2 games, Thats really important.
    Also will i get a Warranty if so how long of one, I know these are questions i should've asked when i called them but i forgot. Anyways going to be setting up the repair service on the ps3 with sony tomorrow.
    unless someone can give me a good enough reason not to. Thanks in advance

    Well i set everything up with sony today, they are going to be sending the exact model i have and a 90 day warranty, So all is done.
  2. jamieupanddown

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    Nov 13, 2009
    basically (i know this is how uk service works) you ring them up, they send out a remanufactured console with a NINTY day warranty.

    a courrier collects your broken ps3 at the same time as he delivers your in a pink coffin.
    your old ps3 goes 2 sony they strip it down, test the parts and replace if necessary!!! so you are getting someone else's ps3 thats been repaired and recased, and someone will get yours one day soon.
    this service is only good for you as you have a 60gig and want the same model.
    if you had an 80 gig i would of said stick it on flea bay getting around £60 and buy a NEW 80 for £200 with a game and controller.
    ALL PS3 replacements in the uk are remanufactured in this way.
    there is also something that is called the sony double wammy, which means that if you get ylod then soon after your lazer will fail. i just replaced the lazer in my 60 for £50, works a treat but the fan does my head in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    stripping down a ps3 is a piece of pi**. i tried to repair a ylod using a heat gun and it didnt work for me, however i know a few people who have repaired them using a heat gun.
    take care and thanks for reading
    i had an 80 replaced and it wouldnt load some games disc error( but just phoned them and they replaced it)
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    Jul 22, 2009
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    yea its a 60gig anyways i should be getting it monday

    edit: Thought i'd drop in and let everyone know about my experience with Sony, Well everything went great got a refurbished CECHA01 model ps3 back and it looks and works like brand new so all is good