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  1. Subzero100

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    Jun 5, 2012
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    What exactly do you need to run ps3 backs ups.
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    Aug 12, 2011
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    An NTFS external hard drive, or Fat32 or an iPod large enough to hold a game.

    If your PS3 is on an older Firmware thats good, but if you have been on PSN in the last 6 months or so (not sure I stopped paying attention to the PS3 a long time ago) your all done with flashing a CFW, unless you are fine with soldering like 16 wires to downgrade your firmware.

    Search on Google for a PS3 program called Multiman its a back up manager and will probably on the home page have all the info you need.
  3. Subzero100

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    Jun 5, 2012
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    oh i heard about this thing called cobra usb i thought that's all i needed, but besides that can the games be backed up to disc? I wonder if this is all really worth it for 2 or 3 games, because i defiantly want to check out naughty dogs game and the new game by who ever made quantum whatever.
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    Console related:
    1. you need a PS3 with an OLD firmware (up to 3.55). Starting from 3.56, you can't install a custom Firmware anymore.
    2. If your console is OLD but has an up to date firmware (4.xx), you can downgrade with a modchip but only up to the original firmware sold with the console. (if you bought a 3.56 console, you can't downgrade to 3.55).
    3. You can't buy a new PS3 and downgrade it to fw3.55.

    Custom firmware and dongle:
    1. You need a custom firmware to launch unsigned homebrew (like Game Manager, media players, games, etc.)
    2. Some Dongles (like Cobra or True Blue) require a Custom firmware too.
    The dongle are only additional unlockable that simple custom Firmware can't provide. But dongle alone are not enough.

    You need either :
    - custom firmware 3.55 : Play old PS3 Games only.
    - custom firmware 3.55 + dongle : Play old PS3 games, + specific options (cobra can play PS1/PS2) (True blue can play newer games)

    Game related:
    Custom firmware are running on firmware "3.55".
    You can't run NEW games which require 3.60+ firmware (such as "naughty dogs game and the new game by who ever made quantum whatever.") unless you have a tru blue dongle + a patched game file.

    Though, I'm personally against True blue dongle.
    I don't recommend it.
    but it's currently the only way to play newer games.

    HDD related:
    You can't play with a NTFS drive.
    Only FAT32 is compatible with games.
    NTFS is only usable to transfer game, but not to play from it.