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    Guide objectives :

    - Install Custom Firmware 3.55

    - Connect to PSN (optional step)

    - Install and launch Homebrews

    - Transfer files between Computer/PS3

    - Play games with managers

    Guide Contents & Index:


    - Pre-requisites

    - Procedures

    - PC Stuff

    - PS3 Stuff


    - Pre-requisites

    - Procedure


    0) A FAT32 formatted USB drive

    Most low-capacity USB drives are already FAT32 formatted. If your's isn't, right click on the drive letter of your usb(eg: E:\) and click on Format. Choose FAT32 and Quick Format it.

    1) OFW 3.55(if you don't already have it)

    [​IMG] Download (Use the mediafire link.)

    MD5 CHECKSUM: ca595ad9f3af8f1491d9c9b6921a8c61


    Make a new folder on the root of a usb drive and call it PS3. Make another folder inside it called UPDATE. Put the 3.55 update in here and make sure that it's named, 'PS3UPDAT.PUP'. Now put the usb drive into the PS3 and go to Settings -> System Update and choose Update via Storage Media and press 'X'.

    2) CFWM 1.5 Small Version [32MB]

    [​IMG] Download

    Used for obtaining Custom Firmwares.

    3) MultiMAN:

    [​IMG] BASE

    This is currently the best backup manager.

    - PC STUFF -

    Automatic Patching:

    1) Create a new folder on your desktop and call it 'CFWM'. If you downloaded OFW 3.55 earlier, skip step 3 and create a new folder inside this folder called 'Original_3.55_FW'. Copy the PS3UPDAT.PUP to this folder.

    2) Extract the .exe from inside the CFWM archive to this folder.

    3) Now, open the .exe and choose 'Download 3.55 OFW'.

    4) After it has finished, choose any CFW from the 3.55 section and click on Create Custom Firmware 3.55.

    NOTE: I recommend Kmeaw's 3.55 CFW.

    Manual patching:(by Cyan)

    1) Download CFWM v1.5 Full version (+batch by Cyan) [152MB]. and create a new folder on your desktop and call it 'CFWM'. Now, extract everything from that archive to this folder.

    2) Place the downloaded OFW 3.55 in 'Original_3.55_FW' folder (or OFW 3.41 in 'Original_3.41_FW' folder).

    3) Double click on the Batch file corresponding to the cfw you want to create (ex. Kmeaw_3.55.bat) and follow the instructions. Verify that both MD5 hashes are matching at the end of the process.

    4) The patched cfw is now available in newly created folder named after the cfw you chose.


    Okay, now lets start transferring the CFW and the Backup Manager to the USB drive.

    1) On the root of your USB drive, create a new folder called 'PS3'. Now inside 'PS3' create another folder called 'UPDATE'.

    2) Go to the 'CFWM' folder and now go to the folder of your chosen CFW.

    3) Find the PS3UPDAT.PUP file and copy it to the 'UPDATE' folder which we created.

    4) Open the multiMAN archive.

    5) Extract multiMAN WT.pkg, USB.CFG and options_default.ini to root of your USB drive.

    - PS3 STUFF -


    1) In the XMB, go to Settings -> System Update.

    2) Now select Update Via Storage Media.

    3) A message will pop-up.

    4) Press 'X'.

    5) It should install successfully. If you get any errors, try installing it using Recovery Mode.


    1) In the XMB go to Game -> Install Package Files.

    2) Select MultiMAN and install it.

    3) If you want to play games with Kmeaw cfw, you need to install this using the 'Install Package Files' option in the Game section of the XMB.



    1) Plug your external hdd into your PC and download this.

    2) Install usbview and open it.

    3) Grab the vendor id and the product id.

    4) Now create a new notepad file and put this in 0xVNID:0xPRID:V where VNID is the vendor id and PRID is the product id and V is the number of volumes.

    5) Now save it as USB.CFG and copy it over to the root of your USB Drive. If it asks you to replace it, do so.

    6) Now download Awesome File Manager and install it on your PS3.

    7) Run it and browse to /dev_hdd0/game/BLES80608/USRDIR

    8) On the other side you should find a directory that has "USB" in it, the inside directory should have your "USB" file.

    9) Highlight it and press O to copy it into MultiMAN USRDIR.

    10) Now go back to multiMAN and press Start + /\.

    11) The NTFS driver should be activated now.

    NOTE: Currently you can only copy from an external NTFS hdd to your internal hdd. Nothing more, nothing less.

    -END OF GUIDE 1-


    F.A.Q.(by Cyan)

    Main questions

    Q. Can I use burnt Bluray discs to play games?
    A. No. Only Internal and External HDD is working with backup managers.

    Q. I updated past 3.55, is there any way to get the 3.55 custom firmware from there?
    A. No. There's no way to downgrade from 3.56+ firmware yet using a software method. Though, there is a way to downgrade some FAT PS3 involving Infectus modchip.

    Q. I'm on 3.50 or bellow. Do I need to install the Official Firmware 3.55 first?
    A. Even if installing a cfw3.55 over an old fw should work, it's recommended that you update your PS3 to the same Official Firmware as the cfw you want to install first to avoid bricking your console.

    Q. I'm on 3.41 or bellow and don't want to update to 3.55, do I really need to install 3.55 to use a cfw?
    A. No, you can install Hermes cfw 3.41 (please update to ofw 3.41v2 first) and follow the guide the same way. Just don't install the Version Spoofer from Team Rebug (It only works on 3.55).

    Q. I'm already using a cfw but I want to change for Kmeaw 3.55
    A. First re-install the ofw 3.55 over your current one, then follow the guide again.

    Q. How big should be my USB drive just to install it, not to play back ups?
    A. Around 200mb.

    Q. Where can I find all previous Official Firmware and their MD5 hash ?
    A. Sony removed previous firmwares from their servers when the first jailbreak method appeared. You can still find remaining links and all the informations here.


    Q. The program doesn't start.
    A. You need .Net framework 4.0.

    Q. Where can I find .net4.0 ?
    A. Here

    Q. I don't want to install .Net4.0. How can I still patch the firmware?
    A. You can use bspatch program to patch the firmware manually. Follow the manual patching method in the Guide.


    Q. Can Sony ban my PSN account?
    A. Yes, as Sony can't ban your Console ID, they can ban your account. But you can always create a new account, while unbanning the PS3 itself will be harder.

    Q. Can I play online with all games?
    A. You can't play online anymore. You need the 3.62+ official firmware to connect to PSN.

    Q. FuckPSN is not working, what can I do?
    A. You need .net Framework 3.5, and if you are using a firewall you need to open these ports : 53 UDP, 80 TCP and 443 TCP. You may need to close Skype.

    Multiman :

    Q. When I press start+triangle to enable NTFS it freezes
    A. Your NTFS partition needs to be primary and active.

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    Jul 7, 2008
    Guide is a bit biased.
    I think you should add other CFWs like Waninkoko and Geohot's (Homebrew only [​IMG])
    Other formats, (Explain primitive NTFS support)
    And other managers (Gaia, Open backup manager)

    EDIT: You should also note about other important information regarding the loaders, and other outdated, but still eidely used, soft mod methods like psjailbreak
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    Also, it should be mentioned that there is at least some success stories for those that were on older firmware, flashing straight to 3.55 CFW.

    I personally took my CECHA01 from 3.41 official to 3.55 kmeaw. Considering taking the 3.50 CECHB I just saved from YLOD to same, and turn that into my dedicated linux ps3.
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    Posts disappear from time to time here. Nobody knows why.

    Of course everyone knows to keep backup from big guides, right? [​IMG]

    The text from google cache
  6. This was really old. I just finished adding the PSN instructions and it took me an entire day(well almost).

    EDIT: Thanks again tj. It was there in my browser history. Can this be stickied since there are no softmod guides here?
  7. tj_cool

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    Give it a little time. If people really like this topic, it'll be stickied eventually.
  8. Okay sure.
  9. Cyan

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    For me it's more a tutorial to install Kmeaw than a softmod guide.
    It's a step by step from your own vision of the hack, but there are many other possible way to do it, you don't explain your steps, why you do this or that, etc.

    There are few important things I don't like or think are missing :

    - you need a bdvd emu, or a payload to rip bdvd. The payload is not included anymore in multiman.
    Explain what it does, why the user need it, how to install and run.
    give link to lv2 fix v9 (this is the actual needed payload when using a cfw, there are other available like hermes v4c for his 3.41 cfw), or using a payload with a jailbreak dongle.

    - regarding the PSN access, fuckPSN doesn't work as is. It has been patched.
    It now require more spoofing (like ConsoleID, empty accountID, etc.)
    It's not explained at all. You give unknown DNS IP, I think some users who care for privacy want to know how to rewrite the header themselves instead of relaying on an unknown server.
    Remember : Credit card number, PSN account id and password, etc. all are transfered non encrypted, the DNS server can see all the user information. I suggest users to NOT use unknown DNS server, install your own on your computer.

    - Give MD5 hash of the update.pup files so the user can double check the update validity and don't apply the wrong file.
    Sony can replace (and deletes old one) from their own server.
    in case of deletion, your guide will be missing files. You should link to personal storage link (or check every now and then if the files are still valid).

    - For NTFS, actually it' Start+triangle, not Triangle+Start (doing it the other way will do another action while pressing triangle).
    Also, inform the user that NTFS is currently only used to copy the game from NTFS drive into the internal HDD. It's in no case used to play the game, or to extract an internal to NTFS, or anything else. Only the external_NTFS->copy->Internal_HDD command is possible.
    It's only (currently) useful for transferring games with files >4GB without splitting files for fat32 hdd.

    This is only few quick remarks I can say.
    I know that covering all the possibility is really a big job, and doing it in 1 topic is maybe impossible for layout presentation. Maybe wiki is a best choice, or creating multiple threads with links from each others. (threads should be well defined before creating them for better walkthrough, each thread could cover a particular element, like psn access, running homebrew, installing development tools, compiling, etc.).
  10. Fuck PSN works with 3.56 spoofer. Also, I fixed most of it and I'm gonna add the MD5 hash in sometime. I'm planning to mention all the available custom firmwares and backup managers and I am also planning to create mini guides for them in spoilers. Will that be enough?
  11. Cyan

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    There's no "enough" or not.
    You are free to do what you think is best, I just said what I thought about the guide and pointed what I though was missing.
    If you think I was right then add it, if you think it's not needed for any valid reason then I won't argue. I think a guide is intended to help other users and inform them the best you can.

    In my opinion, the more info the better, as long as it stay user and noob friendly.

    About the psn, I thought Sony patched the SSL header rewriting.
    Then hackers found how to spoof the console ID and account ID using "null" account, the null account was then again blacklisted, and now the "empty" account ID is used and still working.
    Well, that's what I understood (I wasn't following the scene this week, I wasn't home).
    I'm still against using a random DNS IP from an unknown user. I would prefer using my own computer to replace the strings.
    I suggest you could explain both method and let the user decide himself if he prefer the easy method or do it completely himself. It's only a suggestion, think about the user's need when you complete your guide.

    PS : please don't quote a hole message (more if it's a big one [​IMG]) if you are replying just after it, it's obvious you are answering it.
    It's only my own view, not a forum rule.
  12. Zorua

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    By the way, it was OpenDNS and I removed that bit a while ago. Also, thanks a lot for taking the time to go through my guide! [​IMG]
  13. Cyan

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    no problem [​IMG]
    I'm also following PS3 scene, and I like helping other users.
    I don't have enough time to write guide and tutorial myself, so I'm glad other user can do it [​IMG]

    But I'm still on 3.41 with my dongle, it's enough for me so I can't test everything myself.
  14. Zorua

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    I recommend that you use my guide. [​IMG]
  15. Hero-Link

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    Nov 6, 2002
    This tutorial seems a few key points.... essencially the payload.

    Without it, you just have a CFW with multiman installed (that doesn't run games).

    so, i agree with Cyan, this is just a tutorial to install kmeaw CFW, nothing more, nothing less.
  16. Zorua

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    I am going to update the guide. Will it be fine if I don't add GeoHots cfw? I'm saying this because it can't run games.
  17. fgghjjkll

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    Jul 7, 2008
    Yes it can. It can run officially bought games [​IMG]
    But seriously. You should add it there for completionist's sake but say backup loaders do not work. Only homebrew, which is also what soft modifications allow. It's up to you really. I just thought your guide was kinda biased.
  18. Maz7006

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    Aug 2, 2008
    Guide: How to play pirated games.

    - geez; include other things as well, even though the homebrew is limited its still there

    along with the other CFW, Back up managers and such

    i know you were just making it simple, but still it would be a good idea to put all (of course not Waninkoko V1)

    i like the format, nice and clear, just take our suggestions into consideration.
  19. Zorua

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    Ok thanks for your input!
  20. Sotoro

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    Nice guide, i think it should replace the jailbreak faq sticky.