PS3 harddrive questions.

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    Hello I am thinking about buying myself a 500gb console harddrive so I can get more games on my console, but I have some questions to ask. Also keep in mind that I have a jailbroken ps3.

    1. Can I transfer my data from old harddrive to new harddrive?

    2. I used a E3 flasher to flash my firmware files so I can downgrade, if my new harddrive is on the latest firmware can I downgrade without using the E3 flasher again.

    3. How can I get the files to run the ps3 on my new harddrive (Ths goes with questions 2.).

    4. Will 1TB work?

    Thank you for answering if you do! Also if you have any information to tell me that is not a question here, but might hold me back then please tell me! Thanks!
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