PS3 Hacking 101

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    Nice layout, coming along nicely [​IMG]

    I would suggest you change the bit ... "/dev_hdd0/GAMEZ"

    imho, it would be better to explain the config files and how to change the path, and the other ones that are used.. iirc GAMES and Games too.

    Just a suggestion.

    Maybe another thing that some users might ask after reading this, is if they have the games on an external FAT HDD and want to use the same drive with NTFS how can they change without needing to lose the games on the HDD. Maybe you should find a guide and add a link to this before people ask ?

    Just some suggestions, great stuff so far imho [​IMG]
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    If you want to turn a FAT32 HDD into a NTFS HDD, the only way to do that is by formatting it, which by definition means you'll lose your games. You'd have to copy them off (onto a PC probably) before formatting it into NTFS.

    You could shrink the partition and turn the free space into NTFS, but that causes its own problems.
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    No use to me as I am past 3.55 but its a very good hacking guide.
    Nicely structured and covers a lot. I am sure it will be helpful to a lot of people [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the positive comment. [​IMG]
    Glad you liked it! [​IMG]
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    Ok guys, it's complete now.
    I may add more questions and terms to the glossary if I get any more ideas.
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    Thanks so much for this! So much is provided here that the only thing left to even worry about is trying to decide betwen kmeaw and wanin v2 lol. Genuinely scoured the internet looking for something this comprehensive; between your guide here and Cyan's multimanager guide, I feel completely informed.
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    Waninkoko v2 already includes a payload (PL3 I think).
    When using Waninkoko cfw, you don't need lv2 patcher or BDEMU in order to use a game manager.
    It has his advantage for different homebrews, allowing path redirection without using another program first.

    Though, there exist different payloads, the main ones are:
    - PSGroove
    - PL3
    - Hermes

    multiMAN needs the Hermes payload to enable different features (like playing a game with split files from external HDD, or storing game's data on external HDD).
    multiMAN allows you to choose the payload to load in memory.
    If you already have a payload in your custom firmware, you can't unload and use a different one so you will be stuck with limited features in multiMAN.

    My preferences goes to cfw without forced payload, so you can decide the one you want to use according the the homebrew needs.
    cfw without payloads:
    - Kmeaw
    - Wutangrza
    - MFW creator.
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    Thank you, that really, really helped.