PS3 freeze on boot

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    Jan 1, 2013
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    I recently installed latest rebug firmware. After restart my PS3 was freezing on the welcome screen.I tried recovery mode, I can only see the message connect the controller and press the PS button. I tried with 3 different controllers no luck.

    Connected the hdd to the computer and scanned it with HDD Regenerator. There were loads of delays so I assumed the hard drive is broken.

    Got a new hard drive now I only get the "connect the controller message" but it still does not work. Tried to format the hdd to fat32 on pc too.

    I tried connecting my phone and it charges it so the port has power. I tried with 2 3rd party wired controllers that worked since forever and 2 ps4 ones. None of them gets any power.

    Any ideas?
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