PS3 60GB phat ylod

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  1. Anous

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    Nov 3, 2012
    So, I bought a Playstation 3 60GB for about £50. However, I got it so cheap due to it being YLOD, but the seller said that the issue could be fixed easily, or at least somewhat cheap. I, don't know anything about this tho, so for you people who has done something similar like this, where and how do you start? Guides on this site?
  2. codezer0

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    Jul 14, 2009
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    The permanent fix is still a reball, which isn't cheap. It's still less expensive than buying a second-hand BC PS3 from a Gamestop or anywhere else, however. But suffice to say your cost savings once you find a place that can do it, is gone.
  3. Wisenheimer

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    Sep 23, 2013
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    I get YLOD units off ebay for £10 or less all the time (plus about £7 - £15 shipping). £50 is far too much. A new PS3 is £120, at least here in the States.

    These things usually happen because the solder cracks. You can fix this with nothing more than a heatgun, some good thermal paste, and about 30-120 minutes of time, depending on your skill level.

    If you do it right, it will usually fix the YLOD, although it does not fix the underlying problem, which is poor engineering resulting in the solder flowing and then hardening and cracking. After a reflow, a YLOD might occur the next time you stress the system, or you might get thousands of hours out of it without a problem so long as you keep it cool and keep the temperature from changing rapidly (let the fans cool off the PS3 before you shut off the power).

    Reballing is not a permanent solution either, and at the very least, you need solder balls and a mask as well as a desoldering iron, but you are much more likely to get thousands of hours after repair than with a reflow. Light of Death Repair/3654
  4. AngryGeek416

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    Nov 17, 2012
    FAT PS3's are not reliable bottom line trust me i know i've tried, get a slim or super slim. There's nothing you can do to permanently fix the issue it's just the way the system is designed. Both Sony and Microsoft shat the bed last gen first time around.
  5. Wisenheimer

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    Sep 23, 2013
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    Well, if you reball them with leaded solder, that can be a pretty effective fix, at least for the issue of the GPU and Cell processor losing electrical contact due to thermal expansion and contraction, because leaded solder has a higher resiliency and a higher point of fusion.

    It is not an easy thing to do though, especially removing the GPU and CPU from the MB without risking damage to nearby components without some very expensive shop equipment.
  6. chrisrlink

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    yeah I had a fat 80 since 05 but it got reflowed 5 times and bit the dust permanently last time needs $130 for a refurb 250 from Sony
  7. WiiCube_2013

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    Oct 19, 2013
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    I bought a PS3 60GB last year for £80 (with Battlefield 3 + PS3 Official Controller) which the seller told me he replaced the original thermal compound by a much higher quality (Arctic Silver 5) and so far no problems, he also mentioned this specific system never suffered of YLOD.

    I haven't put it to the test but whenever I use my consoles it's just to watch anime BDs (PS3) or DVDs (360), although on PS3 I do tend to play Tenkaichi 3 from time to time.

    Anyway, hope you can fix that beast of a machine because when it works it's hell of a gaming machine to own.

    Edit: I met with the guy 2-3 times at his house and all so I've got no reason to doubt he was being honest, he knew what he was doing. He even a Windows laptop to use a MAC OS, I knew it was possible but never seen it in real life.
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