Problems with R4 on N3DS. A quick reminder after years of no use?

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    Mar 6, 2010
    Premise: I'm only interested to play DS games on 3DS.
    Hello, after a few years, I wanted to use my R4 3DS model RTS on my New 3DS again. It should be still compatible with my firmware (11.0.0), considering from what I found online.
    I remember nothing about how to format and use an R4 on 3DS.
    So, I just copied my old R4 backup, which is a folder called "__rpg" with some sub folders, and a file called "_DS_MENU.DAT" on a micro SD. I don't even know what firmware version was, but my old folder is from 2015, and on the official site of my r4, last firmware seems to be from 2013, so it should be updated.
    My 3DS seems to detect it, and shows a konami game as inserted card. I remember it worked that way.
    But when I launch it, it only shows a micro SD icon, and a folder icon, with no text at all.
    If I press on one of these icons, other sub folders appears, but always with no text, and nothing else happens.

    Any help or suggestion?
    Thanks in advance.
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    What for a flashcard is it exactly?