Problems with battery?? Read This Solution

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    Jul 14, 2007
    Well i found it out by making some experiments on my dslinkers with bad batterys.
    Both batterys test results where : could not found SRAM.SAV !
    1st dslinker - power off during saving
    2nd dslinker - power off during game uploading
    I left both in the ds slot , the ds power was on , ds in linker menu , the power supply adapter plugged in , both where left for 5 hours
    and here are the results , i checked every hour , but i only write end results:
    1st dslinker 1 hour - battery test was ok , the battery works again (but you can leave it for 2 hours more to be sure it has more power) , i made some tests for 2 days and there are no problems
    2nd dslinker 5 hours - the battery started to work , and few test showed no problems

    If the battery runs out of power it can be recharged in 10 minutes .

    So as you see you can repair the dsliner battery without losing the warranty and it works in 98%. If this does not help than the battery did not run out of power but was damaged or is dead(altough the battery should work for at least 5 years when used 5 hours/daily)

    I wrote this cause lots of ppl have problems with this lately , i checked it on a dslinker but it should work on other n-card clones as well