Problem with USB Loader GX and restarting

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by NathanJC, Mar 4, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    Sorry if this topic has been covered before... I've done an extensive search for a solution for my problem, but Google is not my friend in this case.

    I have a Softmodded Wii 4.3e PAL with USB Loader GX 3.0 installed as a channel. Games run fine and I can run both NTSC and PAL games by tweaking the Game Load settings as required.

    My problem is, when I exit any game that I have launched using USB Loader GX and return to the Wii Menu, my screen goes black and white (greyscale). The only known fix is to load up a NTSC game in USB Loader GX or restart my Wii Completely.

    Any help?
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    That's the first time I see this problem.
    Which cable are you using? composite or component? which video setting in the Wii settings 50hz/480i/480p?

    It does it for both PAL and NTSC games?
    It's strange that loading NTSC games fix it, while you are using a PAL console.
    So I guess only PAL games are creating this problem, as NTSC games fix it?

    Which video setting are you using in the loader? "Game default" (or disc default) is the recommended one, as it's using the game's region as video mode.
    If you set the setting to "Console default" (or system default), it's using your Wii's region as video mode.

    When you exit the game, the Wii returns to the System menu?
    Could you try to return to the loader instead of the System menu and see if the loader is in black and white too?
    set the Settings > Loader Settings > Return to: USBLoaderGX (gameID UNEO for the forwarder or ULNR for the full channel)