Problem with NeoGamma

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  1. Kacaw

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    Jun 5, 2013
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    I modded my Wii so I could play Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, but as I was playing, I encountered a problem. Whenever I tried to promote a character to the second class, the game would freeze, saying that the disk could not be read. This would also happen during the tutorial for class change. I do not have any idea how to solve this. Help?
  2. drottning

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    May 30, 2013
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    does your disk have any problems? scratches, etc? otherwise i would not know how to help...

    also, i've heard neogamma is outdated, so you might want to get gamecube backup launcher. it's up to date and highly recommended. just google "gamecube backup launcher download" and it'll come up. ^^

    this thread is also in the wrong forum i think, it should be in "backup loaders" and i think that's why you didn't get any replies. maybe try asking there?