Problem with Fake WiiU Pro Controller

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  1. MO35AB

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    Apr 16, 2016
    I bought a fake wii u controller, and of course had no idea they existed till it reached home.
    It spent months in the closet cause the B button was sometimes not working or pressed all the time.
    then after a while i got Tekken Tag Tournament 2, i decided to try so we can play together.
    after launching mocha, and putting the wiiu pro ctrl in 2nd position ( the led indicator is in the 2 nd player position), the controller works great !!

    now i kept doing my try and reboot, till i got with these explanations:

    pro controller must be player 2 or higher, never player 1. ( talking about LEDs here)
    mocha cfw must be launched.
    another wiimote at least must be in player 1 position.

    but still sometimes it works (under those conditions and never without them) , and sometimes it does not :/
    any help with the issue to make it more accurate ?
  2. Missingphy

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    Oct 7, 2018
    Buy a real one they are now $30 and you can lend your fake one to another person and that person would play with it