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  1. Tycho01

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    Dec 19, 2008
    So, today I got my copy of Pokemon Black in the mail, though obviously I couldn't wait before, and played the rom for some 50+ hours. Now I tried
    transferring my save using Rudolph's NDS Backup Tool Wi-fi v0.31f (converted R4 save to raw using Shunyweb's converter, renamed it to POKEMON_B_IRBJ_00.sav just in case), but failed -- for some reason all save-related options (backup/restore, all but 'initialize save') were greyed out, though it could read the FTP directory just fine. I figured it might be because there wasn't a save file on the cartridge yet, so made sure there was one, but still no dice -- even the backup option was still greyed out, despite the fact that clearly made no sense.
    Has anyone else had this? What do I do to fix this?
    Thanks for the trouble.
  2. Rascal

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    Apr 23, 2008
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    Pokemon games since Platinum have been getting more difficult to backup SAVs correctly. Best solution is the hardware based NDS Backup Adaptor Plus, discussed a lot in these forums.