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    Region locked US only apparently. No word on a European release.

    Another entrant into the increasingly tired music game genre and most of the reviews thus far show this. The twist this time around is that a 3/4 guitar (after a fashion) is available for use rather than the simplified controllers we usually see and as such is not compatible with your existing equipment although it should be compatible with a regular amp. Apparently there is another naturally more expensive version (a band version) with drums and a microphone. Reviews thus far are very negative although most of the gripes are with graphics and that it is not all that much more likely to teach you guitar playing than the more conventional music games. Tracklist (which is better than many of these music games) in the NFO section, DLC is supposed to come but how much will if it fails to sell remains to be seen.


    Video (gameplay and developer walkthrough)


    NFO and track list
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    It really makes me sick everytime I hear this phrase. Thanks Activision for milking the genre dry!

    I haven't tried the game so I'm not gonna say anything but all I can say is that the tracklist is impressive and I just hope that Wish You Were Here, Chaos and the QOTSA tracks comes to RB!