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    I think this could be entertaining.


    What you see here -

    Wii - softmodded, 500GB external drive
    PS2 - FMCB, nothing else done outside of that yet.
    Xbox - nDure softmod with 500GB upgraded hard drive
    Xbox 360 - Xenon, stock
    Xbox 360 - (Never checked the mobo when I fixed the RROD, so not sure about the rev. I'll be drive flashing it, and at some point RGH modding it since it's got the HDMI out)
    PC - AMD Phenom II X4 955 clocked to 3.75GHz, 3x2 GB Mushkin Enhanced DDR3 RAM, 1TB for Win 7 Ult x54/Win 8 Dev-pre (haven't upgraded to RC yet lol), 2x 1TB@RAID1 for storage of all the things, DVD Burner, DVD ROM, EVGA GeForce 560Ti SC (single fan model), Rocketfish 650w PSU, MSI 790FX-GD70 mobo, Corsair H50 water cooler (kinda meh). (Obviously, custom built rig.)

    My accessories -
    Yamaha 5.1 surround sound system
    Vizio 26" LCD TV
    Hannspree 22" LCD Monitor
    Cyborg RAT9 mouse (holy hell)
    Cyborg V7 Gaming Keyboard (unimpressed)
    Cyborg G.L.I.D.E.7 Mouse Surface (t'was free, not bad)
    Xbox 360 LIVE Vision camera (using for Skype lol)
    Turtle Beach XL1, for everything from PC to Xbox, 360, Wii, PS2

    And the NES? Mah server :3
    Zotac FUSION 350A-E mini ITX mobo
    AMD E350 APU
    2x4GB DDR3 SODIMM (Corsair, I think)
    32GB Patriot Torx2 SSD
    500GB Seagate Barracuda sitting outside the case
    1.5TB Western Digital external drive for backups

    It has HDMI out to the TV, and a USB hub leading to the front for a mouse and keyboard. I typically just do everything via Teamviewer though. Fitted a 40mm fan to the bottom and raised it up with custom (ghetto) made raisers, about 3/4 an inch, which in all dropped the running temps from ~93 C to ~68 C under max load.

    If I had a mini fridge/freezer, sink, toilet, and shower, I would never have to leave my room again. Ever.

    Post pics of what you guys are doing

    Edit - Protip - both 360s were free XD One on the right was from my friend who joined the military, said "Oh I'm getting my signing bonus next month so here have my old 360 I am gonna buy a 360S" for no reason. Left one was RROD, dad's coworker gave it to him and said "I know your son messes with this kind of stuff, so let him have it and see if he wants to try to fix it." Fix successful. Plus my little brother's 360 only had a 20GB drive, this had a 60. I never use mine, so I gave him the 60 in exchange for the 20 because he needed the space.

    Bout to start trolling Craigslist for more RROD 360 consoles to see if I can work my magic and sell em :D
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    Ha, what a noob set up. Here's where a real man plays...

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    where is the leg room
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    Here my current setup (I'm renovating my house currently, hence the mess)

    MSI gaming laptop (i7, 8gb RAM, R9 and SSD)
    Custom gaming PC (i7, 6gb RAM, HD69xx and SSD)
    1.76 PS4 (only used as a linux box)
    Sony Bravia 55" HDTV via HDMI
    JBL LSR308 studio monitors
    JBL LSR310s studio subwoofer
    JBL MSC1 monitor controller

    I have heaps more consoles but they're all packed up due to reasons stated above.

    My PC and laptop are old(ish) and out of date, i'm more of a PC enthusiast and audiophile than a PC gamer, most of gaming is done on consoles and handhelds. My PC's just need to be powerful and fast :D

    EDIT: Oh, i forgot the mention the beer fridge to the left of my desks, the most important part of gaming and computing! :grog:
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