Possible to restore MH4U savedata?

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    Jan 4, 2016
    So I recently downgraded my n3DS from 9.8 to 9.2, and prior to that I backed up all my MH4U data to my desktop. I've since reformatted the SD card, set up an emunand, and reformatted and unlinked my nands many times trying to get the homebrew setup and all that. In the process, my NNID which had the MH4U game was removed, but I held onto the save data. I don't need to get the game back, there are other ways around that... but the 180 hours I logged into the game? That's something I would like back. I was wondering if there's any sort of program that I can use to accomplish this.

    If it helps, It's the MH4U N3DS and I basically just need to restore the save data, which probably needs to be re-built for the nand/emunand.