Possibility to unbrick WiiU

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    Aug 31, 2018
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    I foolishly tried to cancel the system update that my WiiU was trying to install, thinking that the cancel button would not allow the update to proceed. Now, the console boots and gets me to the user selection screen but it freezes right after I select a user. In fact, it always freezes a few (~15-20) seconds after it boots to that screen even if I do not select anything, and it never displays the main menu. Even if I press everything quickly, all I get is a white screen with the moving clouds which freezes soon after that.

    Is there anything I can do to unbrick my 'half-bricked' (I assume) WiiU? I had installed the vwii hack following CJB100's sticky guide, and I have the nand.bin, keys.bin, and keys.txt files. I am comfortable soldering if a hardmod is possible.

    Thanks a lot in advance!
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    May 1, 2018
    i just started hacking my wii u so i'm not a pro but i'm 100% sure you're fine if you have those 3 files. just wait for another useful answer lol
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    Your backup is vwii's not wiiu's.
    You could try to update to latest wiiu firmware (5.5.2 actually); Try this :

    With the entire system shut off, push the power button on the game pad and then immediately hold down A, B, start, and the up button on the directional pad.

    If it works, it will boot straigh to system setting.
    From there you could try to update (or format).
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    I did experience a possibly related issue (CBHC running fine, WiiU Menu loading fine, floating buttons background appearing and nothing more, sometimes the background freezes but not most of the time), apparently fixed it by removing the clock battery
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    If you backed up your wiiu nand you can restore it with a hard mod. Guide is in my signature