Pokemon Y Error Code 090-0211

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    Okay so, I haven't played pokemon y in about 2 months. I get back to the game and try to play online and I get the 090-0211 error code. I look up the meaning of the code and everyone is saying its due to cheating....
    The problem is... I haven't cheated on this game. I haven't cheated on any game in like 10 years. Is there another reason I am getting this? and more importantly, how may I bypass/remove this error message (I don't care how tedious the process is. As long as I can understand the instructions, i'll do it!).

    My favorite part of the gameplay is online competitions and so I am really disappointed. I would very much like to NOT start over. I have several hundred hours of gameplay. I've been breeding and training for hours on end, and I would be devastated if all of that is lost. :(

    If anyone could help, that would be amazing.
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    The advice I can give you is move over to gen 7 if you are waiting for the Poke bank update that's going to add Gen 7 and Gen 1 support if that's the case just breed it's not you nnid or console that's banned it's the Game Link ID for that Pokemon Y
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    Are you trying to play rating battle?
    i think Pokemon XY ORAS game sync and online battle is discontinued.


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    Quick question...
    I found a shiny Eevee on Pokemon Soul Silver (legally) I cloned it 8 times using Action Replay and transferred the clones to Pokemon X using Poketransfer and Pokebank. I evolved them all into the 8 Eeveelutions on X, but I soon realized I wanted a Sylveon with the ability Pixilate, not Cute Charm. I planned to give away to Sylveon on GTS. I deposited it and saved my game to go hunting for a Shiny Eevee with Anticipation. The save time took longer than normal and the Error code 090-0211 notification popped up. Everything about the Eeveelutions was legal. The moveset, IVs, EVs, Nature. Absolutely NOTHING was illegally modified. The only thing I think Game Freak could have dinged me for is the fact that they are clones. I looked up error code 090-0211 and everyone says that you are banned from online play. I'm fine with that. After all, I only play X every so once in a while since I beat it and my whole party is level 100. But for how long am I banned? I didn't do anything wrong in my eyes; although yours may be different. All I did was clone a LEGAL shiny Eevee and try to give the clone away. Is it because it is cloned? Is it because it came from a gen 2/4 game? Could somebody please tell me why I might be banned and for how long am I banned for? I know sooner or later a friend will want to fight me, but I can't fight them because I don't know for how long I am banned. Your response is greatly appreciated! ^.^

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    Also... did Game Freak ding me from online play on ALL of my copies available for Online Play (Black 2, X, Alpha Sapphire, Moon) because they know of my IP address? If so, I'm really concerned. However, I don't think the chances are likely...
    (I'm sorry I have to post up a long comment, but I'm new here and I have NO clue how to start up my own question page/forum.)