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Pokemon Wi-Fi World Domination Game FAQ

I decided to make this guide for the Pokemon Wi-Fi World Domination Game I invented. This guide is in regards to my other thread about my fun project.

The idea for the game came into my head when I traded with someone from a strange place I’d never heard of. I decided I would turn it into a game.

The idea of the game is to conquer as much of the world as you can. Conquering a Location is simple enough. To conquer a location, trade a Pokemon. The location of that Pokemon will be marked on the Geonet Globe with a blue dot, and by getting this dot, that means you have successfully conquered that location. The dot will eventually turn yellow, so you will want to write down the location on your “Conquer List” before it turns yellow. If you don’t write it down while it is blue, it will be hard to find the location again. More on what a “Conquer List” is later

To start the game, you must first register your location on the Geonet Globe. Talk to the Big Globe and you will be asked to register your location. Select your location from the list. The location you select will be marked with a red dot on the globe. You will not need to trade for a Pokemon that has your location. You can use this to your advantage if you want, and select an obscure location. Though that’s cheap, and you are a loser for being a cheater if you do this.

Before you start your quest for world domination, be sure that you have seen a large amount of different Pokemon. The more the better. Having more Pokemon to search for opens up more chances to find “rare” locations.

If you have Rare Candy cheats available to you, it is in your best interest to abuse them like nuts. People ask for crazy things at crazy levels, so having unlimited Rare Candies opens up your chances.

To get a Pokemon to evolve by happiness quickly, simply use unlimited Protein, Iron, Carbos, and the other drug cheats, and cram them down the Pokemon’s Throat until it is happy. Then shove a Rare Candy down it’s neck and watch it evolve. Just think of the Stats drugs as happy pills. The whole concept may seem a bit unethical, but it’s just a game.

Now you are ready to start.

Log on to the Nintendo Wi-Fi. To check a Pokemon's Location, first search for a Pokemon. (we'll use Cyndaquil for example) Search for Cyndaquil, and the trainers will appear. Tap on a trainer to see a summery of the Cyndaquil. On this screen, when you press "Right" on the D Pad, you can see where that Pokemon is from. Some Pokemon might not have a location listed. This is because the person that owns that Pokemon had never registered their location on the globe. Stupid jerks.

While the point is to find different locations, be sure you are paying attention to what Pokemon you are looking at. Say if you're looking at trades for female Riolus, don't just look at the location. That's a Pokemon that would be useful for future trades, so even though there's no new location, if you can get one, GET IT!

Another thing to keep in mind is to change the level options in the search section. If you search for a Cyndaquil, they will most likely all be at level one due to cheap breeding. Switch the level searcher to say Lv 10 and up after you’ve looked at the level one Cyndaquils. If there are still 5 trainers when you do that, search for level 20 and up. When less than 5 trainers appear, you don't need to search higher levels, since that would be all of them. And it should be obvious to search Male and Female separately.

The best way to go about searching is to just go in alphabetical order.

Here is a list of Pokemon that are commonly asked for. Be sure to breed a lot of these. For those with R4/M3 devices, you can make eggs hatch quicker by downloading a certain Pokemon Cheat dat that has a cheat that makes the step counter go 255x faster. It will only take around 21 steps for most eggs to hatch.

Here’s the list (more might be added)

Chimchar (any)
Monferno Lv 30+
Turtwig (any)
Grotle lv 30+
Piplup (any)
Combee (Female)
Electrive (or what ever Electabuzz’s evolved form is called)
Dragonair lv 50+ Male
Any and all Legendaries and Event Pokemon Lv 100

Palkia and Diagla are what I call “The Trump Cards”. One way to suck the fun out of this game is to get Palkia and Daigla, and just trade them back and forth, since everyone wants the other legendary. So you trade Palkia for Diagla, then trade the Diagla for Palkia. This becomes boring after a while, and it isn’t fun. If you get one of these guys, save them for a really strange sounding place. Cook Islands is a location you want to do everything you can to get.

I earlier mentioned what I have nicknamed my “Conquer List”. Quite simply, it’s a list you make to keep track of the locations you have conquered. The Conquer List should be split into these categories for easy reading. I call these categories “Areas”

United States
United Kingdom
Middle of Nowhere.

The above are areas that have more than one place in it. These categories (except the last two) are shown above the Location when you look at a Pokemon’s Location. So an example would be…

United States

The Locations that fall under “Other” and “Middle of Nowhere” are the ones that do not have an Area listed above the location. It is up to you which locations fall under Middle of Nowhere, and which fall under Other. My rules are generally that any island or location far away from anything else, falls under Middle of Nowhere. (unless they have an Area above the Location such as Hawaii) Locations that have no Area above it, but are near other places (like Luxembourg) fall under other.

As mentioned earlier, each new location will be marked with a blue dot, but it will eventually turn yellow. Frequently update your Conquer List before a blue dot turns yellow. Otherwise it will be difficult to track down again. Though I think the blue dots only turn yellow after a full day has passed, so you’ve got plenty of time to update your Conquer List. Something to keep in mind while Location searching is to check if you already have the place. When I say this, I mean that even if you're sure you have the place, you might be surprised when you realize that you don't.

Other Trading info

There is a neat way to get Pokemon that evolve in trades, without ever having to trade that Pokemon.

Offer to trade the Pokemon you want to evolve. (we will use Haunter for example) Request a Pokemon that is impossible to get to make sure your Haunter does not get traded. (a level 9 and under Dragonite for example)

Now make a trade. It doesn’t matter what you get. After you have finished the trade, take out your Haunter, and it will evolve into Gengar!. Neat, eh? This also works for Pokemon that require an item attached. (such as Magmar) Just be sure your Magmar is holding the Magmarizer when you offer it.

A fun way to be a jerk when it comes to trading is to take a Cyndaquil (for example) and nickname it Cyndaquil. As you know, Pokemon received in trades cannot be renamed. So when the person who got your Cyndaquil evolves it, it will still be called Cyndaquil.

Another fun way to be a jerk involves Haunter, Kadabra, Graveler, and Machoke. As you know, these guys automatically evolve when they are traded. If you want to be mean, you can make them hold an everstone. An everstone will prevent a Pokemon from evolving, so when you trade one of the above Pokemon with an everstone, it will not evolve, thus defeating the purpose of getting one of those guys in a trade.

Well that’s everything. I hope you have a fun time trying to conquer the world!

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