Pokémon Presents February 26th - Diamond & Pearl remakes, Pokémon Legends Arceus (open world RPG)

Rumors and leaks are going wild, as the minutes count down to the awaited reveal of what The Pokemon Company has in store for the future of the franchise. Whether or not you believe the "leaks" that are being passed around, it's time to hand in your hype train ticket and board, as today's Pokemon Presents is just about to begin.

It begins.

We get a retrospective on how Pokemon has evolved, and the various media that it had over the years. Even the Pokemon Mini got a shoutout.

Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon series.

First off is New Pokemon Snap gameplay. You can edit your photos with stickers and frames. Photos can be shared online.

Next are some events that will be held to celebrate the anniversary. There's a Gigantamax Pikachu raid in SwSh, Go will have a Kanto celebration, and Pokemon Cafe Mix will have free tickets. Pokemon Masters EX adds Leon and Charizard.

Finally, the next games.

It's a DS...Diamond and Pearl's intro screen...

Remakes confirmed! Just as the rumors said, they'll be in a chibi-fied form that emulates the sprite look of the originals, but in 3D. Battles will instead look like Sword and Shield's. Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl release Late 2021.

It's time for a new era...

It's a prequel to Diamond and Pearl, taking place in the ancient era of Sinnoh. The gameplay shows open fields where you catch Pokemon by sneaking around and throwing Pokeballs yourself. Arceus is teased at the end. This more action-based take on the franchise is called Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Releases early 2022.

The DPPt games will be "faithful remakes". ILCA is developing them, the team from Pokemon Home. Game Freak's Masuda will be involved, though. The Underground is shown, too, confirming that it'll be included.

Legends Arceus is a different take on Sinnoh, with Pokemon from other regions appearing as well. The village is your base, and your goal is to create the first Pokedex. There are normal turn-based Pokemon battles.
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