Pokemon Platinum Translation Problems

Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by archonik, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. archonik

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    Feb 3, 2010
    Hi, for the last month I've been working on a Polish translation of Pokemon Platinum.
    Things are coming along nicely, I managed to export all the texts, edited the font, made a table, everything imports back into the rom nicely.
    I also edited the logo to add "PL" to it, modified the bag graphic files to edit in polish textures... but there is one thing I am having trouble with.
    I use Tahaxan to find the graphic to edit, then modify the narc file with a tile editor. That works for most images files.

    There are two types of files I am having trouble with, though.
    In graphic/box.narc the file 001.rgcn is fully viewable in Tahaxan but is just a pixelmess in Tile Editors (as is most of the file box.narc). Opening it in UNLZ-GBA fails.
    Yeah, I'm 100% I'm missing a vital piece of info about this format. Tahaxan tells me that it's a 4-bit image file but I cannot modify it.
    Most of the other RGCN are easily editable in 2-bit or 4-bit mode of any tile editor. Not that one (and some of the other ones). Is that a different type of compresion or am I just doing it wrong? Are there any tools available to extract the rgcn files and then reinsert them? Any other way?

    The other type that is puzzling me is the unnamed filetype that some graphics are stored in. Like the files inside graphic/font.narc. Those are unviewable in Tahaxan and in reality are 2-bit graphics. The reason I am writing about them is mainly because I am trying to find the attack type icons (BUG, FLYING, WATER etc) graphics but they are nowhere to be found within the standard rgcn graphic files. And I am worried that they might be hidden in one of those unnamed files.

    There is so much data to look through that trying to find the tiny boxes within the 100MB+ rom by looking through every single resource file would be suicide.

    Any help with any of these issues (especially the whereabouts of the type icons) would be much appreciated. Maybe I'm just missing something obvious, as the the "COOL", "BEAUTY" etc icons are stored as plainly and visibly as possible, while I can't for the love of god find the other ones at all?
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