Pokémon Hack Screening Thread

Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by Densetsu, Jul 4, 2012.

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    So you want... less... pokemon in a game that's about catching them all. Interesting...:wacko:
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    :lol: yeah I know it sounds backwards but hear me out. I want to play the remake without all the new pokemon in Kanto, so its closer to a faithful remake. I know its weird, but does that make sense?

    If I cant seem to find something like this I might consider trying to make a little rom hack myself.
    -Gens 1 and 2 only, Jhoto probably wouldn't really need to be touched all that much
    -add in missing pokemon (depending on the version)
    -modify pokemon that evolve in trades
    -remove all post gen 1 and 2 pokemon from Kanto
    -increase level's of wild pokemon and trainers to appropriate amounts so you cant just breeze through the second half of the game.
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    sounds fun :)
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    Well all that said, I know DICK about rom hacking so I would have to have a team LOL
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    Nope and I remember you wanted this from ages ago

    (god bless i remembered i'm a fake moderator in this thread <3)
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    One year late but yolo, Mikelan98 WAS NOT the original creator of Pokemon Light Platinum, he's just doing the Remake on his own after receiving permission from WesleyFG, who actually made the original HackROM.
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    Oct 4, 2008
    At least you fixed my mistake :rofl:
  8. the assaf

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    Jun 2, 2013
    Hello there,
    I am making HGSS rom hack to try remaking FRLG (I modding Silver Blue). You will start as Red in Kanto (just gen I pokemon!), do the main plot, access some area in Johto featuring Sevii Islands events. It'll contain 263 pokemon: all gen I & II pokemon(251), Heonn starters (9),Azurill & Wynaut (2) Deoxys (was "obtainable" in original FRLG) + 3 Kanto Starters Mega evulotions (and maybe weather trio?).
    Now I'm working on sprites editing: Changing Karen's battle sprite to Agatha battle sprite, changing Will's battle spite to Lorelei battle spite, Janine's to Koga's and etc...
    I'm following KazoWar's guide .

    so I need some help:
    1)I can't find where Will's and Red's battle spite located in ROM (I guess in /a/0/5/8, but I can't find Will, and as I modding Silver Blue, Red in Mt.silver is replaced by Blue)
    2)I can just find one rgcn sprite which contain 2 frames(?) for animated sprites, which have 3 frames(?)
    3)Two Koga Sprites? (one 8_549.rgcn, second 8_449.rgcn) in /a/0/5/8
    4)mugshots - I want to edit and swap mugshots of the following chatacters: Blue,Rival,Red, Koga, Janine, Giovanni, Will and Karen. I read mugshots located at /a/1/0/9 but I don't know how to read that format (I know Tinke can read it, but I don't know how) and where the sprites for each mugshot are located.

    Thanks, I hope this is the right place and sorry for bad English.

    edit: Is there any guides/resources for script hacking? I can't find any of them, can someone give a link please?
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  9. ShinyArceusRules50

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    I'm currently working on a hack
    of Emerald called Pokémon Emerald Plus. Emerald plus won't have much different from the original Emerald except the Pokedex entries are all changed to be funny or realistic. You can also catch all version exclusive Pokémon and you can get all mythicals, either by having the items needed to catch them handed to you easily (Old sea map, Eon ticket are easily avalible) and special areas (Which I will add eventually but will need advice on how to script them). You can also catch more kinds of Pokémon that you couldn't normally get in Emerald (Larvitar, Miltank, Hoothoot, Gen 1 starters and Gen 2 starters, among others, are in the wild to be caught). Also, all trade evolutions evolve by level-up, AND your typical "beginning of game" Pokémon like Zigzagoon or Poocheyena are less likely to be caught in favor of new "beginning" Pokémon (you can catch Medititite, Hoothoot, and Bagon before the first gym battle). This is basically a upgraded version of Emerald that I haven't done much work on (about one third of the Pokedex is done and Im not done with adding the new exotic Pokémon). I don't really need anyone to script it for me, but I would like some pointers or something. I don't have any screenshots as of now, but sometime I will.
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    Mar 12, 2016
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    So I have a question about ROM hacks in general. I had an idea for a pokemon ROM hack that I would just be making out of my own interest. It wouldn't be something I would regularly updating or even really distributing. It's really just a project for myself. I want to string all the regions together, starting with generation one and ending with generation five. I don't really know how to do any of this, so it's going to take a lot of learning for me, which is okay :lol: My question is, is it possible to make? I don't plan on putting it on a cartridge or anything, just playing it off an emulator on my computer. Will the size of it be an issue? Also, because I don't really know what game to use as a base for sprites and tiles, which one should I use? All these games are so different, would I be better off redesigning all the sprites and tiles from scratch to keep everything constant? I look forward to hearing some advice from someone more knowledgeable then me.