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  1. GioTakashiroNicp

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    Dec 11, 2011
    My friend and I have a very heart warming tale about nostalgia and thought it'd be awesome to have a Pokemon TCG for the DS. I'm so desperate for it!

    If there already is a english patch please by all means someone link me!
    Thanks guys.
  2. DJPlace

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    Apr 16, 2008
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    you could always go to the www.pokemontcg.com to play but you would have to play single player first to get mores then play but if you want better chances get some on codes or something from the newest B&W boosters or get the codes online.
  3. FireEmblemGuy

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    It's basically just a tutorial program anyways, not a real game. PTCGO mentioned above is better, although you'll probably have to sink a few bucks if you want to use anything more than the basic free decks.
  4. Sora de Eclaune

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    Feb 15, 2011
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    FireEmblemGuy has said all that needs to be said, but I'd like to add something.

    Alternatives to Pokemon Trading Card: Asobikata DS:
    1. If you wanted the set for the card collection, then the sets are the Generation 5 Green Tornado, Blue Assault, and Red Frenzy starter packs. They can be bought separately, most likely for a much cheaper price than what they go for in this set (unless you want to import the Japanese card sets. That may get pricier).
    2. If you wanted the set for a Trading Card DS game, then move on to Yu-Gi-Oh! or emulate Pokemon Trading Card Game 1 or 2 for the Game Boy Color. There is not much of an alternative for the Nintendo DS, and absolutely no official/legal Pokemon-based alternatives.
    3. If you wanted the set for just another Trading Card game of any kind, then may I suggest the already-suggested official Pokemon Trading Card Game flash game at this website?
    I must also say that there's a chance that this game teaches Japan's rules instead, if the rules between Europe/North America and Japan are different. It may not teach competition rules, either. So even if you DID want this to learn how to play, it may not be the exact way for your region or competition-friendly.
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  5. GioTakashiroNicp

    GioTakashiroNicp Newbie

    Dec 11, 2011
    Thanks so much, man. I mean I already knew how to play because of the 1st TCG game for the GB Color. I was hoping it was a legit new game with wireless compatibility. :(
    I play Yugioh (but very unfamiliar with the new junk like XYZ cards and Synchro cards and the like) but my friend and I want to play pokemon, battle and trade cards and etc just to have an updated feel of the nostalgia. I don't want to have a physical link to our games to actually do this. But thanks bros. I already play PTCGO. :D

    I appreciate it.
    One Pokemon Love, all!
  6. Valiarchon

    Valiarchon trentacles

    Mar 11, 2010
    Unsure about competition, since I haven't played comp for a good eight years or so now, but the rules don't change from region to region, they're just in a different language :P As far as I can tell from my half hour play of it, it's standard.

    Anyway, as far as translation goes, I took a look at the rom, and it seems a bit ick haha. There is a request thread for things like this, but I seriously think you'll have a hard time convincing someone to bother working on this. As previously stated, it's mostly just a tutorial (albeit with a multiplayer game?), and it doesn't look like the easiest game to work with (don't take my word for it though haha, I'm still a novice when it comes to the hacking side of things)
  7. Necron

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    Dec 29, 2008
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    You can always play Pokemon TCG 2 with tgbdual, I'm sure that one has netplay. I also know a page where you can play online (up to the discovery editions), but it's in spanish.
  8. miruki

    miruki GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Apr 23, 2008
    Gambia, The
    The rules have had littles changes from the earlier version tho, B&W added a few more rules, got rid of others etc... but the online Pokemon TCG is pretty awesome, I rarely have time to play tho. ;_;
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